High-Level Briefings and Meetings

Team members are often invited to share about the Millennium Cohort Study and research findings at high level briefings and meetings.

Title Date/Location
Singapore Armed Forces Medical Command 6 March 2014, San Diego, CA
Senior International Forum and Ministerial Summit on Veteran Affairs 1 April 2014, San Diego, CA
Defense Health Board's Public Health Subcomittee Meeting 7 April 2014
BUMED Wounded Ill and Injured Meeting 31 July 2014, San Diego, CA
Defense Health Board Meeting. 10 February 2016, San Diego, CA
Financial Stress and Behavioral Health in MilitaryServicemembers: Risk, Resilience, Mechanisms and Targets for Intervention 3-4 Nov, 2015, Silver Spring, MD
Navy Marine Corps Public Health Center Collaborative Meeting 7 August 2014, San Diego, CA
Veterans, Reservists, and Military Families Data and Research Workshop 26 September 2012
Biomarkers Conference 11-15 September 2012
Respiratory DoD-VA Meeting 21-23 August 2012
Ohio National Guard Advisory Meeting 2 April 2012
2011 Annual Meeting of the National Cancer Institute Cohort Consortium 25 October 2011, Boston, MA
DoD/VA Deployment Health Working Group: DoD and VA Responses to Environmental Exposure Incidents in the Military: Registries, Medical Surveillance, and Epidemiological Research 6 December 2010
Cohort Consortium 4 November 2010
UK Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Philip I Raffaelli, as part of 'Department of Defense Force Health Protection & Readiness' section 14 July 2010
Pulmonary Health Task Working Group 22-23 June 2010
Institute of Medicine, Committee on a National Surveillance System for Cardiovascular and Select Chronic Diseases 16-17 June 2010
Force Health Protection Future Navy Capability Annual Review 2-4 June 2010
American Psychiatric Association 22-26 May 2010
AFHSC and USU Symposium on Assessing Potentially Hazardous Environmental Exposures Among Military Populations 18-22 May 2010